Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your website is ready, next you have to know how to get visitors to visit your website. Here SEO comes in.

SEO refers to the settings that can be applied on your website, it should be search engine friendly, user-friendly and authoritative content.

Some of below elements should be taken into considerations:

✓  Text Formatting
✓  Optimized Titles and Descriptions
✓  User Friendly Navigation
✓  Proper URL Strings
✓  Targeted Content
✓  Unbroken Internal & Outbound Links
✓  Image Optimization
✓  Mobile Friendly Pages
✓  Fast Loading Pages
✓  Latest Quality Fresh Content


  1. Content Relevance, always consider to use only relevant contents and stay longer in your website.
  2. Customer’s Interaction and Engagement, you should consider to make it easy for your visitors to contact you.
  3. Analyze, conduct an analysis of your website to see the performance of your website structure.